Pricing is Based on bringing the animals to your location.

$150.00 = 1 pony for one hour. Each Pony can give about 10-15+ rides in an hour depending on the size of the space available.

$ 100.00 per hour for additional pony.

$ 50.00 per hour for bunnies

$ 50.00 per hour for goat and lamb (only with pony or alpaca booking)

$125.00 per hour for alpacas

$ 50.00 per hour for bunnies and lamb

$325.00 per hour for petting zoo which includes bunnies, goat, lamb, mini pig, alpacas, and pony

Navity scene or children program special  – call for pricing    Animals included – alpacas, sheep, goats, and pony or donkey.

For school event, or parade, or civic event call for pricing. Any questions, call 903-431-1711

If your city location requires a city permit, you will need to provide a permit one a week before the event.